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Welcome to Federal Programs!

Federal program funds are allocated to the Oxford City School System on a formula basis using system and community data.  These funds are used to support the instructional program through supplementary services. 

Summary of Federal Funds Applications in Oxford:

Title I - qualified teachers at each elementary school (Coldwater, DeArmanville, Oxford, and C.E. Hanna Elementary Schools) to provide reading and mathematics support to children; provide parental activities; fund scientific, research-based professional development for teachers 

Title II - employ additional highly qualified teachers at C.E. Hanna Elementary School to reduce class sizes and support instruction

Title III - provide extended student learning opportunities to address language barriers and provide development for teachers of ELs

Homeless - provide support in the areas of student supplies, clothing, and other needed resources necessary to school attendance and learning

P.O. Box 7670 | Oxford, AL 36203 | 256-241-3140

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